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Are you tired of having a semi clean office? Are you unhappy with your current cleaning team? We know these issues and see them all the time. In order to make your business life easier, we provide a cleaning that not only “gets the job done” but also exceeds your expectations. So many janitorial companies in Phoenix provide splash and dash services or after a few cleanings the quality starts to drop and they say to themselves “ehh it’s good enough”, leaving you with a semi clean office. Your business should not be treated on these standards. Your cleaning is always guaranteed to be right the first time, each time, or it’s free!  Our services are delivered with excellence, integrity and a smile, all while providing competitive market pricing to our clientele. If you’d like a professional to take over the cleaning, so you can take care of your business, contact us today!

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Your clean will be right the first time, each time, or it's free!

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Request a quote now and we will contact you within the same day to establish a cleaning schedule and pricing. We might take our time while cleaning your office to get the best clean possible but when it comes to communication we are fast and never leave you waiting!

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Would you rather us come in before work, after work, or during the weekend? No matter the cleaning you need and no matter the time of day you need it done, we can accommodate to your schedule. Our sole mission is to make your life easier!

100% Satisfaction

We strive to always provide exceptional customer service and providing 100% satisfaction.

“We were extremely happy with the service Cleaning Services of Phoenix provided! We highly recommend their service.” – A & J Garcia

“We were extremely happy with the cleaning!”
– CPI Property Management Representative

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Clean Environments Inspire Motivation and Creativity!

Let us handle your office cleaning so you don’t have to worry about it ever again! Having a clean and disinfected work environment boosts company morale and increases your employee’s productivity! Besides boosting your staff’s production rate we can keep your office in tip-top shape so you’re always ready to welcome a guest or client into a meeting.

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